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We are all meant to thrive and manifest our own unique purpose. Past or present circumstances may have created pain or a belief of powerlessness, but these circumstances do not define you. You can reclaim your power and sense of authorship over your own life.
In the words of Marianne Williamson – “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”
With compassion and direction, I offer transformational tools to help you release the story of the past and empower you to live the life you were born to live.


about the 4 keys

In 2004, Noah Rothschild became a featured author in the book, "The Alcohol and Addiction Cure" by Chris Prentiss, founder of Passages Malibu -the world's leading holistic recovery center.
At Passages, Noah was Lead Family Therapist for over 7 years and developed a unique approach to treating addiction. His holistic approach involves 4 key components:
Power - Belief - Child - Presence



You are POWERFUL and inside of all of us resides a powerful core. As a child, we may have felt powerless, but as a grown up, we all have the power to show up and create our best life. Underneath most substance dependency is a lifetime pattern of codependency/agency (giving away one’s power to fix, please, or caretake another). Addiction is an obstacle that can only be overcome when we consciously choose to reclaim our power and be true to our self.



Thought is the creative force in our life, What we think becomes the story of our life. Past unreleased negative beliefs/emotions stored from our earliest preverbal experiences in the womb and early years of our life are what eventually gave rise to our addiction. Freedom comes from removing these negative beliefs/emotions and replacing them with positive life affirming thought.



True Recovery lies in reclaiming the child within. Left to its own devices the child will find the same people and painful circumstances that have generated our addiction hoping to get it right. Unfortunately, the child can no longer get a ‘fix” by finding someone or something out there. You are the one the child has been waiting for. This child is the most powerful portal to release past pain, discover/recover self-love, and reclaim the joy necessary to live a sober life. Noah gives practical tools and techniques to connect with and rebirth this child.



The Present is the only point of power in life. In this moment we have the power to either recreate the past or make a new life-affirming choice. Presence involves learning how to be comfortable with navigating the different emotions that arise on the sober path. It also involves developing a natural sense of well-being in the body, so that you can find your inner power when times get tough. The quickest way to master the art of feeling and returning to well-being involves utilizing your breath. Noah utilizes breathwork to release stored negative emotion from the body and teaches breathing exercises that can be used on daily basis to live a joyful sober life.


from the journal

"It is my belief, that with the right support everyone has the innate capability to andshow up and transform their life"
noah rothschild

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